Day #13: Sprouting, Growing Workshop

What if you had access to some of the freshest, cleanest, most vital living food available?
What if it was tasty, inexpensive, and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients?

Welcome to Sprouting & Growing!

Sprouts, Wheatgrass & Micro-greens

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the final week for participants in the 21 Day Raw Food Cleanse. We gathered today at Green Heaven to for a sprouting and growing workshop to learn to grow our own fresh, nutrient dense superfoods at home!

Gratia Watson, co-owner of Green Heaven, has been growing for 15 years. She appreciates the symbiotic relationship we all have with plants – They need us, and we need them.

The Sprout Jar Method

The Jar Method is a simple way of growing sprouts like Alfalfa, Red Clover, and Fenugreek. Simply soak the seeds overnight, then drain. Rinse twice a day. Leave your sprouting jar face-down on an incline.  In just 5-7 days your sprouts are ready for eating!

More Info and Instructions:
10 Reasons To Love Sprouts (Plus DIY Sprouting At Home)

sproutjarSprouts have an extremely high nutritional content. They are delicious and easy to incorporate into salads, wraps, sandwiches, pizza, noodles, soups, smoothies.. You name it!

Wheatgrass, Micro-greens and Other Seeds

Did you know? One oz of fresh wheatgrass juice provides all the essential vitamins and nutrients (except omegas) you need for one day! It is a nutritional powerhouse. It also has potent alkalizing and detoxifying effects.

Add those Omegas!
Just 2 tablespoons of chia seeds provides your daily recommended dose.
Try adding soaked chia seeds to your homemade smoothies and lemonade!

2 Tbsp of soaked chia seeds + 1 oz wheatgrass juice = All vital nutrients for one day.

Wheatgrass & Micro-greens are easy to grow at home, requiring just growing trays, good quality soil, and a few days time. Trays of wheatgrass and micro-greens provide you with clean sourced, nutritious food that both tastes good and looks beautiful – straight from your own kitchen.

We feast with our eyes first.


Some of us experience digestive pain and issues so much we have come to think that it’s normal. It’s not!

Rejuvelac is a fermented active enzyme Probiotic drink that also helps with elimination and restoring healthy intestinal flora.It is easy to make large amounts of Rejuvelac with a sprouting kit and wheatberries.

rejuv Rejuvelac is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. It works to flush out the system, open up the bowels, and begin to clear and heal the gut.

More info on Rejuvelac Here

Wrap Up

Gratia demonstrated that growing your own food doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive! High quality living food can be cultivated by anyone with a few supples and a little instruction. It doesn’t require large amounts of space, or time. The results speak for themselves – Eat Superfoods, feel Super Good!

~ Kathlene

Want to Get Started Sprouting and Growing?
Drop By to Learn More and Get Everything You Need!
Green Heaven
203 St. George st. * 506.383.8665

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